What Reiki Mastership(Reiki 3) means to me.

                                                                                    What Reiki 3 Mastery means to me.

Reiki 3 means a lot to me. It is not only a symbolic ,it has actually meant energy has shifted quickly in my life. Spirit in the form of ‘Life’ seems to be meeting me and focusing me to step up a gear and make better decisions, and I am seeing synchronicites and affirmations all the way ,especially If things get bumpy that spirit is guiding me and working through me. What I’ve learnt is that the world is much more receptive to me than I ‘thought’. We really must watch the  misleading ego and ‘Mind’!!

Being Initiated to Mastership has brought me to and even greater understanding of the oneness of spirit as demonstrated by the group who were all aligned in amazing ways.It has bolstered my belief that I am always in the right place for the perfect reason and to accept the moment. Evolution does not cease and as a spiritual being on the human journey of my soul is constant.Reiki 3 has empowered my energy field to create almost instantly that which I wish to manifest. Its up to ME!!This  means I MUST decide what I truly want and can initially be quite challenging but I will get used to it! Immediately I am learning to discern my true inner voice from that of my will, ego or mind chatter. This process of distillation will be helped by my renewed commitment to meditation.

Reaching this point has moved me to a greater sense of commitment to my goals and my life and whilst there is a huge satisfaction in completion of the 3 stages I feel it is only the beginning of walking my talk.The beautiful way in which the sacred space was created for us to do this was important as was the feeling of support amongst the group. The support of the group was truly vital and relating to other likeminded people was and is a blessing.

I realize Mastery is a continual moment to moment choice, and what the Reiki 3 did for me was empower me energetically to move forward with my goals and my life and to give myself the chance to achieve what’s important to me in my life purpose.

It is like coming out of the woods and beginning to find the ‘Way’. The woods are ,dark safe and confusing but the way is brighter,clearer and mastery is simpler and easier. For me personally I realize there is inner and outer work still to do. The healing Journey was a very necessary one for me which is why I believe in it. Going forward, the difficulties I have been through along with the glorious life of miracles which I have begun to manifest have set me on a track which I will not look back from.We are the wizards of our lives and this power takes some getting used to.

The clearing out of old happens at many levels, and the letting go has been something that really began to get easier throughout the weekend. Being more honest with myself in a safe space and sharing with the others was a blessing and the importance of loving guidance is one I shall be taking forward into my own practice.

More and more I am slowing down, embracing the process and keeping out of judging myself. Conscious changes take time to integrate. Life will not be the same and I accept that the more I embrace the processes which I have learnt and trust the better things will become. I really was afraid of my own power for all this time and Reiki Mastership has helped me to finally OWN, shine and enjoy my gifts!

Love, Selina  🙂


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