Creating your own Space (In and Out)


Creating your own space In and Out

(and other motivational tips for focusing for making your dreams a reality).

Image courtesy of Abigail Love light(Universal Enlightenment).

The world is full of distractions. Probably the biggest challenges we have now are finding inner peace calm and clarity. This is where our true voice and the right answers come forth. This place can be reached in states of deep relaxation but not just relaxation…focused attention.

Focusing our attention on creating the right things helps bring fulfilment to our lives. WE are all creative because we are all creating all the time. It’s the focus to this creation which I’ll be exploring in this post.

Often it’s good to have a physical space set out to write, design or create. This can be in the home. It can be an office space. Personally I like my space. This comes from being an empathy and I need to focus and be productive managing others would not be my preference. I discovered this during my time running my design office.

The more creative the space the better too I find and a space were light streams in at times can be a big help. A feeling of connection to the outside. Ultimately it would be great to take a regular walk outside. Currently I live in the heart of the city. I love it but it is slightly apart from nature though thankfully the centre allows me to travel quite easily to it.

How often have you felt difficulty in balancing your life? A good way to do this is to decide what your priorities are. Some may be mundane but after these are dealt with we can explore. What is it that we want to create in this world? Many of us worked to pay the bills. Personally I worked in design for many years and the best results were achieved when I focused on the work…the money came…it’s a matter of commitment and committing time to priorities is a way of honouring your dreams.

To have or hold a dream is to create a vision. This is the first step to getting excited and motivated..Who do you want to become by creating this dream is also a relevant question. Finding some images to define or express this will be helpful and fun to gather.

Part of my new quest is to help others. Our fist duty is to ourselves and part of this commitment is dedicating time to writing my first book. This I have learned is best to do with current knowledge and the sharing of true experience and struggles. It is difficult to be vulnerable however I’ve decided to create and even to help me get through the process…This will celebrate a halfway mark for me, will bring clarity to what I’ve already done and create an interaction about it…s much as its a personal journey it is also the journey of others..What better way to help others than to include them to take part in this process.

The theme for the event is a ‘T’ party. During this party we will talk about getting into the zone or the right state to create from. Personally I align with high vibrational creations, I like harmony in art literature and music however sometimes harmony and peace take Journeys to create, the experience through the body of the thoughts we use to create our world and the spiritual energy from which it all emerges to be made manifest by thoughts….our actions as physical builders are important.

They are not the be all and end all but are important and I would like to create beautiful objects filled with healing light and harmony in small groups. I can say the group is a great form of therapy and a great way to come together in the spirit of light. I really feel another presence when in a group working away in harmony. This presence embodies what is called the Christ Consciousness. Which helps connect all living things in compassion and higher love…WE are simply raising the vibration of ourselves by creating these things and it helps us if we can create to deliver our creations to help the world…..

For this reason another step will be to record this event another challenge. Record the people the reading…the demonstrations of healing and the group meditation. Many healers don’t like to record themselves and put themselves out there. I feel there is a fear around spreading the light…so many of us are torn down for doing so, We are aware of this. Still I feel the time is right

The meditation will be all about creating your own sacred space and a recording will be made available.

The focused attention on the activities it takes to build your dreams will bring you much satisfaction.

My top tips are first meditate and visualize a tranquil place which can be whatever you choose and have any ideas which you find calming ,inspiring within it.

The symbolic lighting of a candle always works well to raise the vibrations and to also protect the space in a sacred way by surrounding yourself with four white quartz Crystals..Perhaps pointing towards you and your work creates powerful intention.Loving intention is powerful. The works do well to come from a place in your heart. That way we connect with others through an authentic space.

A reminder that a little fresh air and exercise will help focus you also and getting into regular good habits this way is excellent .if you fall of the wagon…difficult as it is…do decide to get up again and try keep those promise to yourself but make sure they are realistic.

A stepping back helps t look at the big picture. Make sure you are seeing your life from a clearer and higher perspective. This will help you from becoming stuck. Support yourself always with affirmations.

Do write them down and leave them around so you can connect to them.

Writing down goals and targets helps. If you can be creative and eve a bit organizes you will reap huge benefits. Whilst great works can emerge from states of imbalance it is my belief that what the planet need now is balance. It is those harmonious peace-loving people who will re-create the new earth.

Remember to send healing to other and the earth as part of your meditation…Send positive message out into the world.Just your beingness will make the difference.Yo do count.In fact all your actions count and If you don’t like what they have added up to you can change them,flowing with can help to visualize water if in fact  you do seek inspiration flow and emotional balance.Earth will heal the physical so visualize yourself dropping any issues into the earth as your feet become buried in sand or earth.Fire will help to light the imagination and give your courage and willpower to succeed.

And remember to call in good spiritual forces lie your highest guides to get behind you and work with you and for you. You are never alone. There is a loyal team there. Connect with beings of light such as these who if you allow yourself to feel the connection will make their presence felt. Often it’s a reassuring feeling as if the arms or wings of angels surround us…Fkashes of colour remind us of these different frequencies of light .It’s good to know what they stand for so you can build them into visualizations.

I will be posting information on these light frequencies and the chakras in my next post. I will help you to work with these in a balanced and safe way.

On your journey to wholeness….Creating your own space can be a vital step. You can then access this space by seeing it within when you are out and about. Recall it if any situation disturbs you’re member you work hard for your peace do not let lower vibrations win…work to raise your vibrations and stay in touch with that inner flame which is your true source,.

You have a unique essence or imprint, just as valid as anyone else’s. Recognizing this is important to your self-worth. Keep working with this. It will help you stay motivated. People say believe in yourself. I say just know who you really are, that does not change as a belief can. That is a deeper core value that will remain constant. Again if this rock is not in place issues can ensue as you develop. You will keep encountering these in the form of people drawn to you by frequency and what is called the spiritual law of attraction. Not all drawn to the ‘light’ will hold similar issues. Some are not in touch with their own source of light They instead perhaps unconsciously seek this energy from others.

Always stand in your own light and with intention encourage others to stand in theirs too. Each of us can create the best space of all to inhabit in this lifetime. A new Earth. It begins within in your inner space.



Selina is a creative entrepreneur who brings energy work and inspiration to others.

(She is available for energy healing sessions using the powerful methods she has learned. Most of them involve colour which is  her area of specialization).

An intial short phone consultation will be provided free for charge.

087 11 602 88.


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