Creating your own Space (In and Out)

To Create or Do Anything with and abundance of energy its important to empower your energy.This can be through connectin with nature or certain meditations…’get into a great state and create’ so hi vibrations to you!



Creating your own space In and Out

(and other motivational tips for focusing for making your dreams a reality).

Image courtesy of Abigail Love light(Universal Enlightenment).

The world is full of distractions. Probably the biggest challenges we have now are finding inner peace calm and clarity. This is where our true voice and the right answers come forth. This place can be reached in states of deep relaxation but not just relaxation…focused attention.

Focusing our attention on creating the right things helps bring fulfilment to our lives. WE are all creative because we are all creating all the time. It’s the focus to this creation which I’ll be exploring in this post.

Often it’s good to have a physical space set out to write, design or create. This can be in the home. It can be an office space. Personally I like my space. This comes from being an empathy and…

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