From my new small business book out next week, Change Your Own Economy part 1

The Sales Coach.IE

You don’t have to wait for the economy of Ireland or Europe or the world to turn around and you certainly can’t sit and wait for politicians to change the conditions for your increased wealth.

The direction you want to go in your life and the level of financial abundance you want are directly dependent on the enhancement of skills you already possess.

If you know the right thing to say to get the kids to clean the car or get the wife to cook something special “that’s selling”. So why not get paid for something that you’re already great at, you’ve had a lifetime of practice.

In fact the reason you don’t recognize that you are selling all of the time is because you have become an unconscious competent in the art.

It might be beneficial to re-frame your mind and begin to expect success.


Roger Bavid Barry

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